Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First call spring run off

let me begin by admitting that I am having trouble spelling run with only one “n” today. I did start the day with a migraine and continue it with a marathon and now am recovering from both…but that is a lame excuse.
I asked my mother if I could stay at her house this weekend because the marathon is spitting distance from here. She, being a Maniac and clearly an elemental contributor to my genetic makeup and disposition, decided to do this run as well, “but only the marathon”. We had both run marathons the weekend prior, and this one isn’t USATF certified ( no reason to try for a BQ…), so we decided to take it easy. Or rather, mom decided to take it easy, I just tried to keep up with her “slow” pace.
The race starts at Bothell landing and runs to Woodinville along the Sammamish River trail. the turn around is out past the St Michelle Winery encouraging me to reflect on the various times in my life I have enjoyed their wines. This trail is one that my mother has been running on for as long as I can remember. I’m surprised I didn’t suffer any PTSD during today’s run…as I vaguely recall being forced to ride a bike on this trial as a child.
I really had a great time running with my mother. I love that it is something we can do together. We tell stories, catch up, and plan for future runs. Today we decided to add “salad bar” to our list of pre race no no’s. It was delicious and filling, but it didn’t feel good in my belly, although there were no other negative side effects.
The weather was the same four variations we had been dealing with all week. Grey and rainy, grey and dry, sunny and dry, and sunny and rainy. The ladder being my favorite, only because it seems to fly in the face of science. it was in fact a much sunnier day than I expected (it also rained more than I expected). I was tricked by the weather forecast’s promise of dense clouds and possible (evening) rain, so I neglected to apply sunblock. Now the curious tan line under my knees is even more pronounced. It looks like I am wearing tan knee high socks…and that is cool.

For the second weekend in a row I was entertained by “Road Kill” Rick. He and my mother have been friends since the early days of running, when I was just a wee child cheering for her. We saw a number of friendly faces out that day, but all in all it was a rather uneventful run. Just a nice Jog with my mumsie.

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