Monday, August 23, 2010


I had an amazing conversation today with a woman who recently overcame drug addiction. As part of her rehab program she was offered access to fitness facilities and decided to take advantage of it.
"I've been on drugs since I was ten years old. I am 29 now, they took my baby girl away, I have nothing left to lose."
She committed herself completely to recovery. She says exercise has been a huge help.
"I workout first thing in the morning and it sets the tone for the day."
Knowing you have already done something good for yourself, and have something you can be proud of, before you eat breakfast each day is a great way to get yourself making good choices all day. I have talked to many women who will overeat or eat the wrong things because they feel guilty for missing a workout. It works in the other direction to. We do something good and want to stay in that positive mindset by doing other things we can be proud of.
(Prefers to remain anonymous) is off drugs, has her daughter back, attends a variety of exercise classes, and is back in school. She plans to get an associates degree so she can go on to become a drug and alcohol counsellor.

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