Thursday, August 19, 2010

sure I will run hills

I set off this morning thinking I would be running hills. I decided to do a few miles in Lincoln Park to warm up then see where my legs would take me. My legs are a bit sore from Track Tuesdays, which I not only lived through but managed to enjoy, so I started slow (I always start slow, then continue slow, and finish slow...I should stop pretending otherwise).
At 3 miles I hit my first hill, and started trudging up it. My legs were tired, not just sore. They didn't want to run hills, they wanted, and perhaps needed an easy recovery run. I have the sort of body that inspires people to give it what it wants. I too am powerless against it, so easy recovery run it was. 6 miles was all I felt like doing today, and at no point did I manage to run faster than 10 minute miles. The body gets what the body wants.

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